Do omnivores really need meat at a party?

Do omnivores really need meat at a party?

Hosting meat-free parties

My friends and I like to throw parties at least once a month. We rotate who gets the host the event. Whenever the get-together is at a friend's home, they always make sure to provide vegetarian options for those of us that don't consume animal products. On the other hand, I never provide meat for my omnivore friends if I am hosting. Is that rude of me?

To be honest with you, only one of my friends has ever complained about this. All of the rest don't even notice the lack of animal flesh on the buffet table. I'm a very creative cook, so I like to create a variety of finger foods and side dishes that are full of flavor. While we are busy stuffing our faces with cruelty-free eats, we have a blast playing games and laughing over anything and everything.

The one friend that does miss the meat has learned that I will not purchase any animal products for my house. He despises vegetables (crazy, I know), so he either eats beforehand or just fills up on desserts.

But, he does make a good point. If he hosts the party at his place, there will be something meatless for me to enjoy. Shouldn't I have the same respect for him?

Here's my rebuttal:

1. He's not on a special diet. Sure, he doesn't "like" vegetables, but it wouldn't kill him to try some. This guy has never been diagnosed with an allergy or disorder that would prevent him from eating vegetarian dishes.

2. He's not morally opposed to eating veggies. I don't eat meat for ethical reasons. I can't turn against my morals just to have fun with my friends. Eating a carrot wouldn't make him contradict his values.

3. He's not obligated to provide vegetarian foods at his house. In fact, I've never asked any of my friends to make meat-free dishes - they do it on their on accord. Sure, I appreciate it, but I don't expect it. If there was nothing for me to eat, I would find something to munch on after the party.

What about you? Do you feel the need to offer meat alternatives at your parties? I never will. I live in a strict, meat-free zone.