I'm bananas for Yonanas!

I'm bananas for Yonanas!

Sure, most vegetarians tend to eat a healthier diet than our omnivore counterparts. We pack our plates with fresh veggies and wholesome grains. Our meals are lower in saturated fats than heavy meat-eaters. But even with a healthy diet, we still crave some junk food every now and then. Even vegetarians like to indulge in a sugar-laden, nutrient-less dessert after a hearty meal.

That's why I'm so thankful to have found the Yonanas machine. This countertop appliance turns nourishing fruits into a delicious, frozen dessert. It's almost too good to be true.

What exactly does a Yonanas machine do?

It's simple. You take frozen bananas, and push them through the chute at the top of the device. As you push it down, the machine purees the banana. It reemerges as a creamy concoction that mimics the consistency of soft serve ice cream - without the fat and calories.

Do you have to use bananas?

While bananas are the fruit of choice, you may use any fruit that you like. Bananas just give a creamier end result. Mangoes and melons also produce a creamy product. If you don't like any of these, you can always toss in frozen strawberries or grapes for a sorbet-like consistency.

What flavor combinations are possible?

You can mix any fruit combination in your Yonanas machine. Bananas and strawberries blend nicely together. If you want something more sinful, you can even add nuts or chocolate syrup to the machine. It all combines together in the chute.

Dessert no longer needs to be an unhealthy meal. With the addition of the Yonanas machine, you can easily add more servings of fruit to your daily diet. Try it out, and let me know which flavor blends you like the most!