Meet Some Famous Vegetarians

Meet Some Famous Vegetarians

When I became a vegetarian in middle school, I couldn't name a single other meat-free individual. My own family continued to eat meat (and they still do today). All of my friends were die-hard carnivores. I was really part of a small minority.

Today, however, vegetarianism is more popular than ever. There are tons of vegetarian cookbooks on the shelves. Most restaurants now offer a handful of veg items on the menu. It's even relatively easy to find vegetarian products at the big box stores.

A large number of celebrities are happy to wear their vegetarian/veganism on their sleeve. Here's a couple of names you should recognize.

Bill Clinton

What? Did I just say Bill Clinton? The man famous for eating greasy hamburgers and creating stains on blue dresses? Yep, you read that right. Bill Clinton is now a proud vegan. Not only did he give up eating meat, but he also steers clear of dairy as well. When the former president started having heart problems, he decided to stop eating saturated fats. He's lost over 25 pounds and feels better than ever.

Alicia Silverstone

Like, for real! Clueless star Alicia Silverstone has been a vegan for over a decade. This diet not only keeps her weight under control, but it has also helped her health. She no longer struggles with frequent asthma attacks, and her nails are stronger than ever. Her love for animals also led her to write a wonderful book called The Kind Diet. It is a must-have for any vegetarian.

Russell Brand

Funnyman Russell Brand became a vegetarian when he was only 14. The documentary Forks Over Knives eventually convinced the comedian to go fully vegan. There's nothing funny about eating animals. When he was with Katy Perry, he tried to convince her to stop eating meat. I guess that didn't work, since Perry sent Brand a photo of a half-eaten Big Mac shortly after their divorce. How petty of her.

Pamela Anderson

This Playboy hottie is proof that vegetarians age better than meat eaters. Well into her forties, Pamela Anderson is still the star in many a young man's dreams. She is also a huge activist for animal rights, often seen speaking out for PETA.

This is just a short list of the many celebrities that have joined us in cutting out meat. How many vegetarians or vegans do you know?