Sloppy Joes - Vegan Style

Sloppy Joes - Vegan Style

Sloppy Joes! Who here doesn't think of Chris Farley and Adam Sandler on Saturday Night Live when you hear those words?

As a vegetarian, Sloppy Joes were off limits, or so I thought. That's before I discovered a wonderful vegan alternative by Fantastic World Foods. Not only is this product animal friendly, but it's also amazingly delicious.I first noticed Fantastic World Foods Sloppy Joe Mix at my local Whole Foods. It was just sitting on the shelf, staring right at me. I picked up a box, not expecting much from it. Boy, I was wrong. The flavor was fantastic (perhaps that's why the company is named just that), and it was very filling. At my house, we serve it on a bun with onions and pickles.

The mix is also very simple to make. You simply add tomato paste and oil in a pot on the stove. After about five minutes, the ingredients thicken up to the right consistency. The results are eerily similar to the real thing. My omnivore brother loved it.

What's the best thing about it? Well, besides the great flavor, this Sloppy Joe mix is also healthy. There are no foreign ingredients, and everything in the box is fresh. Eating these vegan Sloppy Joes won't clog your arteries. It's crazy that they are healthy because they taste like addictive vegan junk food to me!

The company also makes an array of other vegetarian products, including Taco Filling Mix, Refried Beans and Chili. I've tried almost all of their mixes, and I have yet to be disappointed. Unfortunately, they are getting harder to find at my local stores, so I've been buying the in bulk from Amazon.

Oh, and in case you don't get the Chris Farley/Adam Sandler reference, here's a video. Enjoy!

Adam Sandler - Lunch Lady