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Why don't vegans eat honey?

I consider myself to be a vegetarian. By that, I mean I don't eat any products that were created from the flesh of an animal. I still consume dairy. Vegans, on the other hand, do not eat any product created by an animal, whether the creature was killed or not. This limits them to foods of the earth, such as veggies and grains.

While I truly admire vegans (I wish that I could give up cheese), I was always perplexed that they are against products made from honey. So, why don't vegans eat honey?In my opinion, I always viewed honey as something that came out of "bee butts." Sure, that's not exactly right, but it is produced by them in their hives. Bees do not actually die in the honey-making process. I also felt that beekeepers were careful not to harm any bees in the collection process. If bees were not killed nor living in bad conditions, why do vegans not eat honey?

After doing a little bit of research, I soon learned that honey is a heated debate amongst vegans. While most avoid this substance, there are a few that still eat it. Here are some reasons that honey is not considered vegan:

Honey exploits the bees.

When humans enter the beehives to collect and sell honey, they are in turn stealing from the bees. The bees need this honey for their own well-being. If they didn't need it, they wouldn't bother making it. We humans like to take what we want and turn it into products that give us pleasure. Vegans don't support animals exploitation for the "betterment" of humans.

Some bees are actually killed.

No matter how careful the beekeeper, some bees do die during the collection process. The smoke that is used to distract the bees may end up killing a couple bees. While the number is not a lot, a single bee death is too many for vegans. Even though bees are just insects to many people, we don't know how their bodies feel pain. We can't justify killing a few bees for our sweet treat. Will I stop eating honey after this? Probably not; however, I will feel more compassion towards these creatures.