January 2012

Preventing Disease Through a Vegetarian Diet

Today's modern society is plagued with chronic diseases. Diabetes is running rampant, with butter-loving Paula Deen being recently diagnosed. Cancer is spreading like a wildfire. Almost every person will know someone afflicted with a form of this disease. Multiple sclerosis is becoming more and more common. Autoimmune diseases are now a regular occurrence. Trips to the hospital for tests are making doctors richer. Super expensive drugs are inflating the bank accounts of pharmaceutical companies.

What can we do to stop this chain of disease?

A vegetarian diet is a great place to start.

Conscious Box: A Great Vegetarian Gift Idea

If you go online, you can easily find tons of gift boxes for omnivores, but what about something for us vegetarians? Conscious Box recognized this void in the gift market and decided to do something about it. They began creating vegetarian-friendly monthly gift boxes that are stocked to the brim with items from companies that have a big heart for the environment. Each month, a new box is delivered right to your doorstep, and you never know what you will find inside of your box.

Best Vegan Restaurant in Texas

For vegetarians and vegans who are looking for great veg food at a fair price in Texas, look no further than the Spiral Diner. This completely vegan restaurant has two locations - one in the heart of Cowtown (Fort Worth), and another in the Big D (Dallas).

When entering either of their locations, you are immediately drawn into the hip and kitsch decor. It is reminiscent of old 50's diners, with a hint of modern appeal thrown in. Once you are seated at your table, be prepared to check out the LONG menu for a few good minutes. Everything on the menu is vegan, so you will have a tough decision to make. DFW natives have the luxury of tasting a different meal at every visit.