February 2012

MorningStar Farms Veggie Sausage Patties Review

"The hot & spicy version doesn't really grab my attention."

Do you have a food item that you never get sick of? Do you find yourself craving the same thing everyday for months straight? I'll be the first to admit that I'm officially addicted to MorningStar Farms Veggie Sausage Patties. I have to eat one every morning with my pancakes. It's been over a year since I started eating these vegetarian sausages for breakfast, and I have only skipped few days. They are my go-to breakfast of choice.

Questions to Ask When Eating Out

As a vegetarian, I am hesitant to eat at a new restaurant without finding out if they have a vegetarian offering. There is nothing more depressing than getting excited about eating out, only to find out there is nothing safe on the menu. No one wants to eat a house salad for dinner every night.

Over the years, I've learned how to order at a restaurant. Every vegetarian should know what questions they need to ask in order to make sure their meal is truly meat-free. It might feel like you are being difficult, but I've found that most places are more than willing to accommodate your special diet.

Raising Kids in a Vegetarian Household

I've been a vegetarian ever since I became a teenager. My husband was not a vegetarian when we first met, but my eating habits have slowly rubbed off onto him. After being together for about five years, he decided to give up meat completely.

In the next year or so, we would like to start a family. Of course, everyone keeps asking if we will raise our child as a vegetarian. They become concerned when I quickly answer them with an affirmative. Then the questions begin...

How will your child get enough protein?

Aren't you afraid that the other kids will pick on them?

What if your child decides to eat meat one day?