March 2012

Meet Some Famous Vegetarians

When I became a vegetarian in middle school, I couldn't name a single other meat-free individual. My own family continued to eat meat (and they still do today). All of my friends were die-hard carnivores. I was really part of a small minority.

Today, however, vegetarianism is more popular than ever. There are tons of vegetarian cookbooks on the shelves. Most restaurants now offer a handful of veg items on the menu. It's even relatively easy to find vegetarian products at the big box stores.

A large number of celebrities are happy to wear their vegetarian/veganism on their sleeve. Here's a couple of names you should recognize.

Turmeric Tea for Your Health

I, like most vegetarians, prefer to nourish my body with fresh ingredients. I'm constantly researching the ways different foods and spices help the body. My newest spice craze is turmeric. This bright yellow spice is very common in Indian cuisine - think curries. In America, we use turmeric to color foods. Yellow mustard gets its bold hue from the spice. Even processed mac and cheese uses turmeric to make the dish appear a brighter yellow.

Turmeric has healing properties, specifically as an anti-inflammatory. It is also used for heartburn and as a skin treatment. There is really nothing this spice cannot do.

While I try to incorporate it into my meals, I recently learned that it is popular to drink in a tea. Turmeric has a pungent taste, so many people are turned off by these teas. After many trials and errors, I finally came up with a recipe that I enjoy.