September 2012

Do omnivores really need meat at a party?

Hosting meat-free parties

My friends and I like to throw parties at least once a month. We rotate who gets the host the event. Whenever the get-together is at a friend's home, they always make sure to provide vegetarian options for those of us that don't consume animal products. On the other hand, I never provide meat for my omnivore friends if I am hosting. Is that rude of me?

Watch out for hidden meat ingredients in processed foods

Your favorite "vegetarian" junk food might contain meat ingredients

When I first became a vegetarian as a teenager, I didn't pay too much attention to ingredient lists. For example, if I was eating beans, I assumed that they were just, well, beans. That is not always the case. Unfortunately, many products on the market have hidden animal product ingredients. Here are some foods that may have fooled you.