October 2012

Adopt a turkey for Thanksgiving

Put your money where your mouth is—or, rather, where it would be.

Vegetarians get a lot of slack. I know; I was one for years. People get defensive asking about your lifestyle, as if it is a personal affront to their own! They’ll demand to know why you don’t eat meat, claim they could never do it themselves, flaunt their meat eating in front of you, and otherwise do weird things. Profess to love purple while they love pink, fine; declare yourself a vegetarian and all hell breaks loose.

But we all know that being a vegetarian can be a very healthy way to live, as well as a way to save lives. There are lots of other ways to save animal lives as well, such as through turkey adoption during Thanksgiving. Chances are, if you are a vegetarian, you already have tofurky or other options on Thanksgiving Day rather than turkey.